Thoroughbred racing
The purchase of a horse represents a significant financial investment. At Markel, we are committed to providing the expertise and financial stability to protect your equine assets.

High class racing operations have been trusting us for a long time, and we are proud to partner some of the best horses in the world in their racing and breeding career.

Our team of experts attend sales, races and training sessions all over Europe. 

The Markel difference

  • Agreed value

All Markel policies are agreed value, which gives you the reassurance of knowing the amount you would receive in the event of a loss. Many other companies' policies state that the most the company will pay is the 'fair market value or actual cash value' of the animal at the time of the loss. This gives you no guarantee that the amount the horse is insured for is the amount you will receive in the event of a claim.

  • Coverage in all Western Europe

This means you can transport your horse without having to request additional coverage for the transits.

  • Death following a surgery (even a castration until 3 year old included).
  • 400 € of post mortem fees

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  • Mortality 
  • Total and permanent infertility
  • Loss of income (temporary infertility)
  • Infertility for 1st breeding season
  • Vacuity and prospective foal
  • Major surgical operations
  • Surgeries
  • International transits
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General Manager

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Mériadec Blanchet

Thoroughbreds / Trotters

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