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New sector specific cosmetics cover launched

The new policy will cover a whole variety of cosmetics, toiletries and hygiene products ranging from make-up, lotions and creams right through to hair tools and shaving goods. 

The cosmetics sector is one that faces challenging exposures, but is sometimes overlooked by the insurance market where specialist cosmetics cover is not readily available.

A wide range of protection is available in the new policy, including public and products liability, professional liability, products financial loss, employers’ liability, property damage and business interruption, directors’ and officers’, entity and transit. Cover can be extended to include product withdrawal expense.

We are delighted to make available a specialist insurance solution to UK based cosmetics manufacturers, together with companies that support the development of their products and those who distribute them. We feel that our experience with medical products gives us the ability to meet the unique challenges faced by this exciting and dynamic sector.

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