Expect more from your insurance provider

Our specialist charity insurance protect you against the specific risks you face.

We know it can be hard finding an established insurance partner who understands the diverse and varied charity market.

At Markel we pride ourselves on providing specialist cover for not-for-profit and charitable organisations. Our offering is extensive and covers most organisations operating in the charity sector. In addition to insurance protection, our policies provide a range of exclusive benefits including practical advice and professional help.

Cover is available for UK based charitable and commercial organisations who provide care, support and advice for disadvantaged or vulnerable people, including:

  • Charities and not-for-profit organisations
  • Local community groups
  • Counselling, advocacy and support
  • Nurseries, playgroups and after school clubs
  • Social, local interest and neighbourhood groups
  • Community facilities
  • Training and education
  • Youth and childrens groups / clubs

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Income up to £500k

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Income over £500k

Ask your insurance broker for a Markel quote. If you do not currently use an insurance broker we recommend visiting www.biba.org.uk/find-insurance