Cover stories

Markel Netherlands launch three new products

To complement its existing portfolio, the office launched three new products in March 2014.

The first has been designed specifically for machine builders and installers and provides a unique combination of cover including professional indemnity, general third party liability and transport assembly. The product offers a wide scope of cover including third party liability, even when the machine builder is liable for the final acceptance.

Markel Netherlands has also increased the scope of cover available under its existing professional indemnity policy through the launch of a new legal aid bolt on. Some of the benefits include:

• Legal aid for insurer disputes
• Partial rejection of a claim
• Government disputes
• Criminal and/or disciplinary proceedings

Finally, the branch has launched an employee personal accident product designed specifically to cover the recent changes in legislation defined by the Supreme Court. The product provides cover for employees involved in traffic accidents during the course of their work activities.

Cover is provided if the employee:

a. is involved in a traffic accident as a driver of a motor vehicle, or if he
b. as a cyclist or pedestrian, suffers injury as a result of an accident whereby one or more vehicles are involved.

These additional benefits will help ensure employees have the right level of personal accident cover as stipulated by local Dutch legislation