Trade credit insurance

Asia Pac Trade Credit 

Credit is vital to the commercial world. Markel International’s trade credit cover promotes international trade by ensuring that buyers and sellers can do business with confidence. The trade credit division has a wealth of experience worldwide and helps to control counterparty payment default risks.

Buyers and sellers have long relied on credit to facilitate trade, but never more so than in today’s global marketplace where supply and demand are founded on increasingly complex credit arrangements. Where credit is involved, there are also counterparty risks. What happens if a buyer defaults on payment before through insolvency or for other reasons meeting its payment commitments? Non-payment can have a devastating effect on the balance sheet, which is why trade credit insurance is essential for business security and confidence.

Markel’s trade credit team offers expert knowledge of commercial counterparty and country risks across a wide variety of trade sectors. The key benefits for clients include: security of non-cancellable credit and country limits; balance sheet and cash flow protection; improved terms for bank financing facilities; an effective alternative to letters of credit or other types of collateral; reduced need for bad debt reserves; increased potential for sales growth to new and existing buyers, because credit is based on a firm foundation; and risk transfer to satisfy capital adequacy requirements.


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Line sizes & tenors:

Markel International Insurance Company Limited

Credit: $150m per obligor group and policy tenors up to 84 months

Markel Syndicate 3000 at Lloyd’s

Credit: $100m per obligor group and policy tenors up to 84 months


Areas of cover include:

  • Insolvency/Default
  • Contract frustration (sovereign buyer default)
  • Currency inconvertibility
  • Government action
  • Import/export license cancellation
  • Import/export embargo
  • War
  • Unfair calling of bonds
  • Failure to honour an arbitration award
  • Non-repayment of pre-payment following non-delivery
  • Prepayment cover
  • Multi/named/single obligor
  • Contract replacement
  • Captive reinsurance
  • Syndicated co-insurance solutions 
  • Financial institutions:
    • Vendor/buyer (supply chain) financing
    • Trade finance solutions
    • Factoring/invoice discounting
    • Trade receivable securitisation
    • Basel II/III compliant risk transfer for capital relief
Leroy Almeida

Senior Underwriter, Head of Trade Credit and Political Risk, Middle East

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Michael Gardner

Underwriter, Trade Credit and Political Risk, Middle East

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Maria Pereira

Underwriter, Trade Credit, Middle East

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Crystal Dsouza

Underwriter, Trade Credit, Middle East

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