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Environmental liability in the Canadian market

Markel can help assess your clients’ environmental exposures and gain a better understanding of their risk management requirements and environmental responsibilities.

In addition to the assessment by our experienced underwriting team we use an engineered environmental survey when reviewing a client’s operations as part of our good risk management processes.

The survey will help highlight some obvious and unexpected exposures an insured may have, regarding use, such as, storage of chemicals and the effects of their operations on the environment.

We can then give recommendations that are often simple and inexpensive. Ones such as installing secondary containments around tanks or putting spill kits on walls will help avoid those costly claims. Others may be letting the client know about their regulatory obligations where applicable.

In order to review these engineering documents and assess unfamiliar risks we not only use our in-house Environmental Scientists, but have access to third-party environmental engineers as well. The input of engineering expertise is a key component of our cost effective underwriting process.

Our experienced underwriting team will help educate and prepare clients for environmental liabilities by; increasing the understanding of risk management and environmental responsibility; helping your client decide if they require Full Gradual coverage or are more suited to simply Sudden & Accidental coverage; and, thorough analysis to offer recommendations and pricing.

At Markel we can offer a wide range of specialty pollution coverage options that can provide excellent protection in this dynamic area of commercial liability. Our tailor made pollution coverage will ensure your client’s needs are fully met.

Environmental Products:

  • Contractor’s Pollution Liability
  • Environmental Impairment Liability – (1st and 3rd Party Site Pollution Liability options) 
  • Environmental Contractor’s Program – (for Mould and Asbestos abatement)
  • Pollution Event Insurance – (Sudden and Accidental, 240 hours)
  • Environmental Consultants

Coverage features:

  • Up to $25M capacity on third party risks
  • $5M capacity available on first party site-specific risks
  • Engineered Surveys for existing clients conducted at our own expense

Coverage enhancements:

  • Auto Difference in Conditions (DIC) cover – covers transportation risks including loading and unloading
  • Products and Completed Operations liability for pollution risks – fills the gap when CGL has absolute pollution exclusion
  • Contractors Pollution Liability cover – coverage for contractors is available either on a blanket basis or project-specific basis (up to 36 months policy term)
  • Above ground or underground storage tanks – including Service Stations
  • Companion policies such as professional liability and commercial general liability are available

Target classes:

  • Contractors such as fuel haulers, sewage contractors, site remediation, HVAC contractors Municipalities
  • Resorts and golf clubs
  • Service stations
  • Tank manufacturers
  • Waste management