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Online Portal

The portal allows brokers to quote, bind and receive policies for D&O and E&O insurance in just minutes, making it easier and quicker to secure cover for commercial clients.  In addition, it can be used 24/7 on any desktop, smartphone or tablet with internet access, allowing brokers to operate wherever is most convenient. The portal also offers a host of additional benefits such as strong policy wordings, immediate electronic documentation and access to exclusive rates and higher commission rates of 25%.

“One of the advantages of the online portal is that it provides higher commission to brokers,” said Emilie Gravel, Online Business Development Manager, Markel Canada. “The rates are exclusive to our online portal, which makes them more competitive than if risks were written the traditional way.”

The portal officially launched in April 2015 however, we have been developing and refining our product over the last 12 months. Through extensive research involving our broker partners in Canada, we have designed a special question set that carefully balances the gathering of risk data with an intuitive digital experience, all supported by online technical and underwriting support. Currently, the portal issues policies for small to medium accounts, but Gravel emphasizes that underwriters are still on hand to quote any policies that may contain risks too large or complex for the portal.

“Markel is known for underwriting excellence and product knowledge, so whether brokers use the portal or talk to underwriters directly, we’re able to provide the same first-class advice and support” Gravel said.

Although the portal is still relatively new to the Canadian market, it addresses complex risks such as professional liability for a wide range of professions and management liability for private companies, non-profit organizations and unions. This proposition is unique in the Canadian insurance market.

Over the next few months, we will be developing new products for the portal, whilst working to align it with the specific programmes offered by our broker partners.

To find out more about our new online portal or to request access, simply contact Emilie Gravel at  

What are our brokers saying?

“I just bound three new businesses through the new Markel portal this week. It was extremely easy to use, actually it was probably the easiest portal I have used. The premiums were extremely competitive and the commission rates are exceptional. It gave me lots of options to offer my clients and I was able to quote, bind and have a policy, all in less than five minutes. You definitely have a hot new product,” she continued. “I know I will be getting a lot of use out of it.” – Alannah Granger, Ogilvy Insurance

“The Markel broker portal is quick and easy to use.  The fields on the application are easy to navigate and complete, and you can obtain a quote for multiple coverages in under 5 minutes with the client on the phone with you. Once the policy is bound, the documents and certificate are generated instantly, cutting paperwork and processing time down significantly. It also makes selling a client Professional Liability much easier as often they don’t want to go through the long application, even when they definitely should have the coverage.” – Megan Rojas, Bullfrog Insurance