About Markel International

We are an international insurance group which looks after the commercial insurance needs of major businesses, SMEs, professionals and sole traders. We underwrite risks at Lloyd’s and in the London insurance company market.

We operate internationally through eight divisions and nineteen overseas offices, and we write business through Syndicate 3000, Markel International Insurance Company Limited and Markel Resseguradora do Brasil S.A. In 2012 Markel International wrote gross premiums of approximately $888 million.

We are a subsidiary of Markel Corporation, a US property and casualty insurance group with a long and distinguished history. Founded in the 1930s by Sam Markel, the company made its name as an insurer of jitney buses - converted automobiles that were a familiar sight across America in the early part of the last century. Sam Markel wrote the first public transportation policy on record. He also improved safety standards and launched a pioneering claims department. In 1930, he created Markel Service, a nationwide insurance and reinsurance business.

Since then, the Markel name has become synonymous with the unusual, the innovative or the neglected. From buses and trucks in America, to super yachts, race horses and a welter of other specialist needs worldwide, the company has a reputation for covering hard-to-place risks. Boldness and honesty define the brand. Markel International was created in 2000 through the acquisition of Terra Nova Insurance Company, which had a worldwide portfolio of niche insurance products.


Markel International operates in the UK through two commercial entities:

Markel International Insurance Company Limited (MIICL), a London based insurance company and Markel Syndicate 3000, whose Lloyd's managing agent is Markel Syndicate Management Limited.

MIICL is licensed for insurance in all EU countries; has surplus lines licences in 47 US states plus the District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands; and is an accredited reinsurer in 47 states plus the District of Columbia.

MIICL can also write insurance in a number of other overseas territories, as well as reinsurance in most countries around the world. Markel Syndicate 3000 benefits from the Lloyd's global licences and therefore can write insurance and reinsurance business worldwide.

Both Markel International Insurance Company Limited and Markel Syndicate Management Limited are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Markel International also writes business through Markel Resseguradora do Brasil S.A. 

Abbey Protection Group sells and underwrites insurance products which provide protection against legal expenses and other professional fees incurred by clients as a result of legal actions and HMRC investigations. It also provides legal, human resources and specialist tax consultancy services.

Markel Style
  • 'Markel Style' is how we do business; it's our vision and values, our code of behaviour, and it governs all our actions.

  • Markel has a commitment to success. We believe in hard work and a zealous pursuit of excellence while keeping a sense of humour. Our creed is honesty and fairness in all our dealings.

  • The Markel way is to seek to be a market leader in each of our pursuits. We seek to know our customers' needs and to provide our customers with quality products and service.

  • Our pledge to our shareholders is that we will build the financial value of our company. We respect our relationship with our suppliers and have a commitment to our communities.

  • We are encouraged to look for a better way to do things... to challenge management. We have the ability to make decisions or alter a course quickly. The Markel approach is one of spontaneity and flexibility. This requires a respect for authority but a disdain of bureaucracy.

  • At Markel we hold the individual's right to self-determination in the highest light, providing an atmosphere in which people can reach their personal potential. Being results-oriented, we are willing to put aside individual concerns in the spirit of team work to achieve success.

  • Above all, we enjoy what we are doing. There is excitement at Markel, one that comes from innovating, creating, striving for a better way, sharing success with others...winning.