Tom Young

Tom Young

Graduate Trainee 2019


What attracted you to the insurance industry?

After completing various work experience placements & the summer internship here at Markel, it became increasingly obvious as to how much I enjoyed the face to face aspect of transacting business in the London Insurance market. The ability to interact with a multitude of insurance professionals from all areas of the industry on a daily basis, as well as being part of an ever-evolving industry were what drove me to pursue a career in insurance.

What do you enjoy most about your current rotation?

The favourite part of my role is the ability to see ‘live business’ being transacted by our underwriters via the broker. Being able to assist in this process allows me to build personable relationships with brokers and their clients and also gain a greater understanding of risk management and the necessary skills to become a successful underwriter.

I also thoroughly enjoy the activities and services that Markel provide outside of your everyday work. Whether this is an opportunity to volunteer at a local charity with your team, the ability to attend a Q&A session with a professional sports person or to hone your culinary skills, Markel are regularly offering opportunities to engage with the world around them and socialise with employees from all areas of the business.

What’s your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me is the need to adapt to a rapidly evolving business environment. From the increasing prevalence of emerging risks such as cyber security and the increasing reliance we have on technology it is imperative to become accustomed to and embrace these changes. The Lloyd’s market has undergone significant changes over the past 18 months. Keeping up to date with these developments and understanding how they affect your day to day role working for an insurer is vital for success going forward.

What are your plans for the future?

My immediate plans for the future are to complete the Graduate programme and to continue to study towards my ACII qualification, where I receive invaluable support from Markel. I am thoroughly looking forward to being able to experience different areas of the company and to forge a number of new relationships across the industry as I move to different teams within Markel.

Beyond that, my immediate goals are to gain full-time and employment with Markel, as not only are they a market leader in the industry but they also have a brilliant company culture, which is embodied in the Markel style.

What advice would you give to someone considering a summer internship and/or the graduate programme at Markel International?

You hear the words a lot, but… preparation really is key.

If you are successful in gaining an interview for either of the programmes make sure you have done your research about Markel and the insurance industry as a whole. Do not restrict your learning solely to the types of insurance that Markel is involved in; learn about the issues affecting the industry as a whole and the most recent market news. Learn about the surrounding culture of the company, their values and how they operate in different corners of the globe.

My other bit of advice for a candidate would be to remember that interviews are a two-way affair, and so don’t be afraid to ask questions. What changes are Markel going through as a company? What areas of business are Markel looking to grow and improve?

Describe your Markel experience in 3 words

Engaging, Informative & Diverse.