Simrin Grewall

Simrin Grewall

Simrin Grewall

Underwriting Intern - Energy


What attracted you to the insurance industry?

Hearing about all the weird and wonderful goods that Lloyd’s of London insures gave me the appetite to apply to an internship in the industry. The market is also rich in history and I wanted to be part of the ‘Underwriter to Broker’ mechanism and be part of this unique way of doing business.

Describe a typical day for you at Markel international?

It is true what they say; ‘no single day is the same in the Insurance Market’ and my internship at Markel highlighted this. Every morning I came to the office there was a new risk emerging within the teams, or a new claim that happened over night. In the morning I’d attend a team meeting to discuss targets and any complex risks. After the meetings we would head down to Lloyd’s: this was the favourite part of my day. Being able to sit at the Lloyd’s box with the underwriting teams and have interaction with Brokers. I learnt a lot by listening to the conversations and reading the slips after the Broker had left. We would then return to Lloyd’s after lunch, and finish the day at the office.

What has been the highlight of your summer internship at Markel International?

I have had many highlights during my 8 weeks at Markel, being at Lloyd’s and sitting in on meetings has been a great highlight. However, my single most favourite highlight was being invited to a ‘long lunch’ with the Marine Claims team and seeing Mel Gibson and getting a photo with Rio Ferdinand!

Overall, the whole internship has been great. The teams have given me real work and I have felt valued throughout.

What advice would you give to someone considering a summer internship at Markel International?

My advice would be to learn about the company, and learn what classes of business they actually write. Be ready for hard work, but also having a great time.

What would you say was the biggest benefit of doing a summer internship?

For me the biggest benefit of doing a summer internship was being able to have hands on experience in the insurance industry. It has enabled me to learn the basics of insurance and teach me how to use the basic underwriting systems, which will help me in the future. It has also taught me discipline and how to behave within a workplace. Finally, the internship has put me in a stronger position for graduate roles.

How did you find the recruitment process?

The recruitment process was logical and methodical, it was very well structured and I was kept in the loop at every stage. From completing the assessment centre to receiving the offer - happened over two weeks. The recruitment team were easily accessible throughout the whole application process which made me feel less like a ‘candidate number’ but an actual candidate. 

What advice would you give to someone preparing for their application and assessment centre at Markel International?

Not to read too many blogs or information about ‘how to pass an assessment centre’ as the assessors want to see how you behave naturally. I would also prepare for the interview, and learn about Markel as a firm. Use the Markel Style to find out exactly what kind of intern Markel are looking for.

What was it like to work in the city of London?

Although I live in London, working in the City is a completely unique experience. Going for drinks after work and having a significant amount of restaurants to choose from makes the City a great place to be as an intern. There are plenty of summer events where I met brokers and underwriters from different firms. It is a great city to meet new people and experience what it has to offer.