Lewis Roman

Lewis Roman

Lewis Roman

Marketing and Communications Intern


Why did you choose to apply to the Markel International summer internship?

I had just finished my work placement and felt I wasn’t quite ready to go back to Leeds for my final year of University. The summer internship felt like a great opportunity to develop my interpersonal and communication skills that would equip me for the challenges that lay ahead in third year.  At the time I was also really excited about the prospect of spending summer in London living the city life to network and learn more about The Markel Style.

What attracted you to the insurance industry?

I wanted to get into the financial industry without getting involved in the banking side. I felt as though insurance was a more honest, worthwhile and crucial financial sector that essentially is related to absolutely everything from horses to spaceships so for me I was attracted to try and learn more about this.

Describe a typical day for you at Markel international?

After having breakfast looking over the majestic views of Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge and The Shard at Sam’s our canteen on floor 27, I will head to the office and spend the first 15 minutes checking my emails and planning the multiple projects that I’ll be working on for that day. I then spend the first few hours researching and coming up with creative recommendations to solve some of the issues identified with these projects.

Sitting next to my manager and opposite the managing director for my department in a fairly small office means that I have the opportunity to ask any questions (no matter how daft) to help towards the completion of the projects.

Before lunch I will make sure that any internal communications as well as any feature cover stories have been checked and uploaded to our intranet site

In the afternoon I continue to work on some of the projects as well as attending meetings with various members of staff around the company or over at Lloyd’s to discuss any questions and identify how we can collaborate together and improve the insurance industry (charity project).

After work I will see how the other interns are feeling and more than likely go for 1 or 2 drinks. One of the great things about the insurance industry is the work-life balance.

What has been the highlight of your summer internship at Markel International?

Spending one Friday volunteering at The Urban Wilderness Community Garden -the weather was great and I discovered my hedge cutting / all-round gardening abilities!

What advice would you give to someone considering a summer internship at Markel International?

Research the company. You don’t need to rehearse every single piece of information but actually spend the time to find out about Markel International and decide whether it’s for you, if it is then apply! Tell Markel International what it is that you like the most and what you have to offer.  

What advice would you give to someone preparing for their application and assessment centre at Markel International?

Be yourself, get involved and be heard.

Describe your internship in one word.