Holly Nash

Holly Nash

Insurance Apprentice 2018


What attracted you to the insurance industry?

Before I joined Markel as an apprentice, I was unsure on the career path I wanted to take. I had very little knowledge about the insurance industry and anyone who worked in this area. It wasn’t until I went to an insurance event that I learnt more about what it was like to work within this sector and that it wasn’t just house, motor and travel insurance that existed, especially in the London market.

Tell me about your role as an apprentice in the Markel Claims Department

I currently work within the claims department, the final stage of the insurance process. Every single claim that comes through is unique - they vary in size, value and matters. For example on a daily basis you can experience claims being made against horses, boats, lawyers and cyber-attacks. These are split into classes and each handler deals with these depending on their experience and training.

As an apprentice I feel so involved within the teams and complete many claim specific tasks such as running and writing reports, using excel to analyse the claims data and helping to make some of the claim payments. 

What do you enjoy most about your role at Markel?

Other than the views from my desk on the 27th floor, I enjoy meeting new people. Coming into a company of this size, you get to meet so many new people both internally and externally, whether this is via email, telephone or if it’s face to face; every new person I meet helps me build up my network!

During my time at Markel I have attended some of these events, such as ‘The Greatest Showman’ Claims broker event, equestrian of sport, casino night and sushi making night.

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship at Markel International?

Definitely apply for the apprenticeship scheme! My advice to anyone would be, not to be put off by having to go through the processes beforehand, although it can sometime feel daunting, Markel make you feel so welcome.

I feel like I’ve been spoilt coming into my first job into such a well-known, amazing building. This time last year I would never have thought I would now know so much about insurance and also be so involved in the work and projects I get given in my team. The apprenticeship scheme has allowed me to continue my studying, and complete my exams to give me a qualification within 15 months.


Describe your Markel experience in 3 words

Enjoyable, Rewarding and FUN!!!