Avina Trivedy

Avina Trivedy

Actuarial Intern 2017


What attracted you to the insurance industry?

A combination of my childhood environment and my love for numbers.

I grew up in Zimbabwe where I was able to observe the serious consequences of poor risk management, namely financial strain and dampened productivity and innovation. The concept of insurance intrigued me because the industry creates value from managing risk and allows individuals, families and businesses to set aside their fears and worries and dedicate themselves to fulfilling their respective ambitions. This, coupled with my passion for mathematics and statistics which provide the tools to effectively manage risk, attracted me to the insurance industry.

Tell me about your role?

I work within one of two product teams, in the Actuarial Department. My role is, therefore, focused on pricing and reserving for risks within the Marine and Energy divisions. It entails preparing and delivering presentations and liaising with underwriters and claims handlers to ensure that we adequately price policies and set aside sufficient amounts of money to settle future claims. My role has allowed me to utilise a variety of actuarial models whilst learning about the unique risks that are present in our world.

What’s your biggest challenge?

Having just commenced full-time employment at Markel, it is finding the right balance between working, studying for the professional exams and spending time with family and friends. Markel does, however, offer an excellent study support which goes a long way to addressing this.

What are your future plans?

To continue to grow both personally and professionally, whilst being a valuable and key member of my team and the company at large.

What advice would you give to someone considering a graduate/actuarial internship at Markel?

Too many students get caught up with trying to find a job that they sometimes forget to step back and assess whether the company is right for them.

If Markel is for you, you have an amazing opportunity at your fingertips – go for it! Be yourself, be authentic!

Describe your Markel experience in 3 words.

Enlightening, enjoyable, rewarding!