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The Houses that Markel Built

Our contribution was part of a continuing project organised by Techo, a charity seeking to address extreme poverty in Latin America through the joint efforts of youth volunteers and affected families.

Techo has been involved in building houses for the poor since 1997 and core to its approach is the thought of creating a viable community by actively involving the families who will live in the houses, both through their making a small contribution to the cost of the house and their involvement, with the volunteers, in building them.     

Sonia Galvis, chief underwriting officer for Markel International in Latin America, said: “It’s hard for people living in slums to do anything other than survive. Techo seeks to build real, working communities that can move from survival to societies that have the characteristics of services, housing, infrastructure and development that we’d all expect. Giving families homes is a really worthwhile start to this process and it’s great to be involved.”